Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Music

Last night J10X and I cruised to Rosie's Cantina in Groton to see an awesome show featuring Brokedown Serenade, Get Haunted & The Paul Brockett Roadshow Band.

Rosie's is a decent joint, but I have issues with the sound system. I did discover the 'sweet spot' to stand is about 10 ft from the stage. A foot further forward or back results in a mind meltingly loud experience.....

I had seen Brokedown Serenade open for the Cobra-Matics, and I felt they were much improved. They were definitely more relaxed on stage, and I think they'll grow even further from this point on. They served up competent, steady rockabilly/blues/rock 'n' roll. Fun fact: BS's bass player used to play in the Lucky Diamonds, a band fronted by The Colonel, who fronts the Cobra-Matics.

Next up was Get Haunted, a band I was just champing at the bit to see. Fronted by the ever-magical Joey Royale, his lovely wife Sarah and a Nice Young Man called Kevin. Really basic drums, twangy banjo and intense (dare I say 'punkily hammered out') acoustic guitar and Joey's.....voice, which I have a really hard time describing. It's warm, hoarse, intense, old, shades of Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Lux Interior. How about 'compelling'? I'll stick with compelling. The songs are dark, haunted, and in their own words 'sticks and stones, Indian bones and a box buried in a mound.' And sartorially, very entertaining: black-rimmed glasses, Mr. Royale's pencil moustache, shirts buttoned up and sporting plantation ties.....Sarah was wearing (from what I could spot) a black bodysuit and some shiny leather-looking stockings. Well, they knocked my socks off, so I will see every damn show they play if I can.

And if that wasn't enough, we also were fortunate to see the always- fantastic Paul Brockett Roadshow Band. I cannot say enough great things about this band- they always deliver great songs, always with heart, soul and humor. Paul flung his guitar at the young man from Brokedown Serenade, who whipped out some nice bluesy notes. And a special treat for us in attendance were the spectacular songs done with Joey Royale - it's always awesome to see the PBRB bring people onstage, but this was truly transcedent. 'Magic' is the only word to describe it.

So, hats off to all you fabulous musicians for a great night of music!


Cranky Yankee said...

Joey Royale is back in a band? Sounds like he and his wife are the Lux and Ivy of New London. Can't wait to see them myself!

Thanks for the update!

The Queen said...

Yes he is, and they're awesome, in a really dark, grungy, twangy way.