Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boojumhaus Hallowe'en Extravaganza Pics!

...but you gotta work for 'em - see previous BHE post....

Sunday, October 28, 2007


And for those of you who don't think I update my blog enough, I had eggs & toast for breakfast today.

Boojumhaus Hallowe'en Extravaganza 2007!

What better way to celebrate Hallowe'en than at the Boojums? Good friends, good food, great costumes, friendly rivalry with costumes! This year's Supreme Costume Master was Raggedy Andy Warhol. 'Twas a frightfully weird ensemble....

Among the fab get-ups were Baron Samedi, Wolf, Candy Corn, Donner Party-of-One, Shriners, Man in a Shower (3rd place winner), Tippi Hedren from 'The Birds' (2nd place winner) and more! Our host and hostess looked superb as always, respectively dressed as a clown and a belly dancer.

Both the host and myself were congratulated for landing new jobs by the Shriners bringing cake & champagne!

Cranky Yankee's photos here!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Royale Brothers Royally Rock & Slim Cessna Lands in CT!

This past week we were blessed with two fantastic shows: Slim Cessna's Auto Club at the B&G Lounge in South Windsor & The Royale Brothers at Bank Street Cafe in New London.

Bernie, Marko, friend Matt & I went to South Windsor on Wednesday (a school night!) and found ourselves in a real hick dive tucked away in a strip mall. We walked in and I was kind of relieved to see quite a few people there listening to the local opening band, who were kinda punk/rock & roll. I was even happier getting a hug from Slim Cessna on the way in....
We girded our loins with drinks and I was desperately hoping we'd see a really great show because the place was so cruddy. Apparently the band decided to play there because they had a 'day off' between gigs and we were happy because it meant we didn't have to drive to Providence a couple of days later to see them. When I mentioned to Slim we had never been to the B&G Lounge, he looked around and said 'Yeah, I'd never go here, too..'' Hee!
We were certainly not disappointed by the show! This is a great band, great musicians & really entertaining- and there were only about 30 people at MOST and we were right at the 'stage'. It was a really fast, energetic show and many of the shaved-headed weird guys (did I mention S. Windsor is infested with KKK?) were virtually worshipping the band- a big ole redneck homoerotic experience. It was a sweaty time.

(Oddly, we saw Cortlandt from The Witch's Dungeon there and he had been filming the opening band & stuck around for the headliner.)

I thought that show was all the stress-relief I needed in this horrifically stressful month, but I had forgotten about The Royale Bros. CD Release Show!
The Bank Street Cafe was PACKED! We arrived to see the last bit of the opening band's set and then The Royale Brothers hopped on stage and kicked out the jams.....this was also a sweaty time!
The Royale Brothers are one band that gets rock & roll RIGHT. There's a lot of musical history in their sound- country, metal, punk, blues, 60s, you name it. They have a fantastic bass player and you can actually hear him- the kind of sinful, sexy, sinister, thumping bass that is supposed to exist in rock 'n' roll! The drummer is magic. The guitarists are amazing. The lean, mean, New London's Man in Black singer is the perfect frontman, for many reasons. The new CD is righteous- it actually reflects their sound well, which is not always the case with smaller pressings for local bands- nice production, very full sound.

And Joey Royale, how can you be so young and yet sound like a 65-year-old-man? It's a little freaky.
All I can picture listening to the CD is a group of weather-beaten, crag-faced, leather-wearing, long-haired older men playing atop a mesa, baking in the sun & getting beaten by the wind....

My ears are still ringing.