Saturday, March 26, 2011

R.I.P. Aloha Alcohula, 2002-2011

The Aloha Alcohula* was finally laid to rest this month. It is survived by its two hosts, and a bevy of wonderful, funderful regulars who made it the Best Damn Tiki Bar in CT!!

Volcano Bern & I would like to thank all of our friends, and family, who came and played in our little Polynesian Pop romper room. As most of you know (especially YOU, jZ!), we spent tons of time scouring flea markets, junk shops and rescuing severed heads bobbing in tropical waters for our collection.

(And worry not, Gentle Readers, the Velvis went to a good home....)

Some photos of the AA before its sudden passing may be seen here:

And even, better, a lovely little film by Kate (who was the brilliant brain behind the name) from the very last party at the AA (NSFW, due to some salty language.)

-The Queen & Volcano Bern

*Best damn tiki bar in CT.....