Saturday, August 29, 2009

'In Like Flint'- Move Over, James Bond!

Beg, borrow or steal this movie!
This lavish prequel to the Austin Powers series features:
  • James Coburn and his Super Secret Spy Moves!
  • Yvonne Craig as 'Natasha'!
  • Herb Edelman as the Russian Prime Minister!
  • 1967 Push Button Technology!
  • A plot so weak that the 'GI Joe' movie had to use it!!
  • Battle of the Sexes!
  • Free Love!
  • Fembots!
  • Seriously Fabulous Clothing!
  • Underwhelming Fight Scenes!
  • Outer Space Effects inspired by Ed Wood!
Oh, just look for yourselves.....The Trailer


Anonymous said...

The Man From B.0.0.J.U.M. replies in code:

Saw this...LONG ago and basically remembered Coburn... having MORE fun & LESS guilt.

A pic of Coburn's SMILE is used in the dictionary next to the definition o'

K. A. Laity said...

I have this film on DVD. It's okay, although it's no MODESTY BLAISE. Far superior to the pale imitation, AUSTIN POWERS.

The Queen said...

Oh, man, I thought Coburn was fairly insufferable in a Roger Moore-esque way.....even in a satire.