Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day 2008!

I realized when I went to vote today that I get a huge kick out of doing so- I not only consider voting a civic duty, but the idea that I'm participating in such a huge decision is always something that gives me an adrenaline surge. Yeah, I'm a voting geek and this is such an important election - do we really want to choose change as a nation or will we stay mired in the crap that has ruined us?

My mom is voting for the first time as she recently became a citizen (and retained dual-citizenship status) thanks to Mark Stephanou at Senator Dodd's office.
She's super-excited about the process.
(The idiots at DHS couldn't manage to get her a new green card and they even told her she 'failed her biometrics'! How a person can 'fail' their own fingerprints is beyond me....just an excuse to pocket the fees.)

On my way home last night, I did a little grocery shopping as I was so pumped up from watching the incoming results of the election online and there was no way I was going to be tired for a long time. I hopped back into my car, switched on NPR, and heard....McCain's concession speech! WTF?! I thought we were going to have to wait until morning at least to find out who won! So, after getting on the road, wiping tears of joy from my eyes, all I could think was 'Wow, what a gracious (yeah it's been already overused) speech- why didn't he run his campaign that way?' quickly followed by 'Crap- it's so late! Who can I call & whoop for joy with at this hour?!?' (Answer: Marko & J10X)
Fortunately, I got home in plenty of time to see Obama's wonderful victory speech- J10X & I were sitting there, crying, Oprah was crying, Jesse Jackson was crying....what a happy day!

This one of the few times in my life I can say that I'm proud to be an American and just marvel at the willingness of so many more people to get out there and vote and see that there can be a better future.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Hallowe'en - RHPS at the Capitol Theater

Hallowe'en is one of my very favorite holidays- the history, costumes and the thought that it basically kick-starts celebrations and birthdays and fun that lasts until Jan. 2.

I have to say that I was very sad that this year's Hallowe'en was not well-celebrated by me - the highlight was rescuing a little black cat that I was able to place in an excellent home, and that was a week-long drama.

So, I was really looking forward to seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Willimantic- finally, the town is doing something fun on a holiday & I don't have to travel far (in the past, we've been blessed by attending a great private Hallowe'en party within a five-minute drive.)

I did start off Hallowe'en celebrations by having a fab Hallowe'en breakfast of the Balvenie single-malt scotch & nachos with Marko after hanging out at his radio show.

So, Marko came over early, we had some festive Pumpkin ale and headed over early to the theater as we had been told it was sold out & the seats were general admission, and we wanted good seats! I had called the theater a few days before and asked if we could bring stuff to throw, but they weren't very happy with the idea and discouraged it, so I skipped the props.

So, we arrived about 45 minutes early, and there wasn't even a line - I was getting worried. It's no fun unless there's tons of people. And surprisingly, no college students - mostly high-school age. Uh-oh. However, there was hope- some were in costume - hooray!

Well, by the time things got under way, the theater was only about 1/2 full, and an odd mix it was- some people our age, some a bit older, and lots and lots of 14/15 year olds, with the girls dressed in this year's most popular costume- a variation on the whore/hooker theme. It was a pedophile's dream. None of the adults even looked happy to be there. Weird.

The lights went down, then lights on the stage went on, some actress-y type came on stage in a lab coat & asked if there were any virgins in the audience - so far, so good! I wasn't giving up yet! So, basically the entire audience raised their hands & went onstage. Oh crap. So, none of the little hooker virgins could fake an orgasm onstage, but some drunk mullet-wearing guy did- hoarsely screaming 'AUGH! AUGH! AUGH." Ew.

FINALLY, the movie started. It was totally apparent that one guy up in the mezzanine, myself and someone behind us were going to be the only people who knew what to yell & were willing to yell it. Someone else did bring a water pistol, toast & toilet paper, thank heavens.

Ok, as if this wasn't dispiriting enough, when the 'Time Warp' came on, all the hookers and an older lady (also probably an actress - killer arms, too) got up on stage- it was starting to look like the high school amateur hour as NOT ONE person up there was actually dancing the Time Warp and I wasn't going to be the only audience member up there doing it. I should have, though.

Then, the 'Sweet Transvestite' scene came up (hands down, my fave) and some young lad with the outfit but not a lick of makeup or a wig went onstage and....did nothing. He didn't know the moves or the lyrics. Snore. He grabbed a guy friend from the audience, they circled each other and then faked a kiss. Yaaaaaawwwwnnn - sorry kiddo, but a little boy in half-drag who isn't even vamping ain't interesting.

Around this time, the temperature in the theater went from barely comfortable to outright freezing. Then, as three of us were yelling some saucy things out, the sound was turned up to an excruciating level. So, we suffered the rest of the movie freezing & headachy.

You can just imagine how I was kicking myself for not getting in costume and hanging out in New London or New Haven for the night where people were actually involved & celebrating. I think the only activity besides this piss-poor showing of RHPS was the costume party at the pub, but that is always packed beyond belief. I always hope that places in my town will some day get it together, but it never happens. There's no community besides the Co-op.

So, we bolted out of the theater, went home and watched some crappy Lovecraft adapted movies - has anyone ever seen 'The Shuttered Room"? What a turkey! Can anyone tell me which Lovecraft story it may have been based on? The best part about it was Oliver Reed's tight jeans....

In retrospect, this may actually have been the scariest Hallowe'en I've ever experienced...