Monday, November 02, 2009

Hallowe'en Roundup and let the Fall/Winter festivities begin!

This year's Hallowe'en weekend started with a pre-Hallowe'en gathering at friend Nat's palatial home in New London for a scary movie viewing, drinks, chat, etc. Our host met us at the door in glorious costume, and several other guests were in costume, too.

Nat's place was aglow with blacklights and fun horror movie/Hallowe'en ephemera - a Bruce Campbell doll was spotted in one corner, posters from the Exorcist and Army of Darkness...lovely atmosphere!

The movies that were chillingly served up quickly became MTS3K-esque fodder for us- 'Black Sunday' (aka 'The Devils' Mask'.) The bat alone was worth the price of viewer exclaimed 'What is that? Half an umbrella?' I'm not so sure what this movie was about- Witches? Vampires? Bad lighting?

So, when that was done, we took a break, ate some delightful vittles, drank (I was imbibing Burnett's Sweet Tea vodka- not bad for a flavored vodka, but tasted better when mixed with Honest Tea's Black Assam Iced Tea.)

The second movie was most frightening of all: 'Never Too Young to Die', starring John Stamos, Vanity and Gene Simmons as an evil drag......
The exquisite pain and suffering caused by this move has forced us all to file a class action lawsuit against our host. Where do I start? Stamos finally had a showcase for all his acting range of that one emotion, Vanity....well, she keeps guns in interesting places, has lovely underwear and sure knows how to do yardwork. As for Gene Simmons, he was just cringingly over-the-top. And not a sexy man in drag, either - my eyes actually burned during his song and dance routine. I think he wore Cher's wardrobe discards - the ones she wore when she was feeling 'fat'. This movie was made in 1986, and it incorporated bad imitations of 'Mad Max' "punks", big hair, made-for-TV-movie plot, and one very long, sharp fingernail. I don't want to share too many details as I know all of you, Dear Readers, will want to see it.
This movie is a glorious train wreck, and yes, if you find a copy, send it my way.

So all of this really set the stage for Hallowe'en excitement. On Hallowe'en, J10X & I scrambled around to finish our costumes in anticipation of the Creepshow at the Hygienic Art Park. J10X went as a scarecrow, I a crow.

With plans to meet up with Miss Wendy, Kate, Marko, the Boojums & others at the park, we eagerly set off. It was a fabulously blustery night and J10X was in danger of losing all his stalks to the wind.

When we arrived at the Park, it was scantily populated. Then we found out one of the bands (one of the good ones) couldn't play! Horrors! Fortunately, the Art Park started filling up with people and their fabulous costumes- although I find it weird that anyone would dress in "80's" costumes, such as Molly Ringwald or preppies. All I think is 'Crap ! High school!' The Boojums were dressed in their finery as was Kate and once the park was full, it looked fantastic!

Then the really scary part started- one of the bands played.....a looooong set. Too long. Lots of people left. Then it very briefly rained. The third band, Get Haunted, decided to go play at the Oasis, a place that is too small when I'm not in costume from head to toe! So, we skipped that. which I'm sorry to say, as I heard it was great show. Miss Wendy, Kate, J10x & I went to the Dutch Tavern, where we were the only costumed folk in a room full of sports fans watching the World Series. Until Batman came in for a frosty one. The four of us scored a table and had drinks & chatted- a theme for this Hallowe'en! Then we said our goodbyes and wrote obscenities on Marko's car.

Trick or treat...............?


K. A. Laity said...

HA HA HA -- I am still afraid to click on the link to the trailer for that FATAL film. Wonderful write up! I am so sad not to have been there Friday night -- sounds like a faboo time. So envious -- well, apart from the Gene Simmons bit (so to speak): the horror! the horror!

So where are the PICTURES?!

The Queen said...

Um pictures are all on Facebook- check out Naterson's photos.

The Queen said...

Oh, and I will get a copy of that movie some day - you won't have to miss out! :)

Cranky Yankee said...

And we Boojums hopped over to the Bank St. Cafe for some dirty rock and roll...just the way we like it!

A great time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

The RingingInMahEars Zone filks [With apologies to The Randells]:

I have just now read here
on this post in 'virtual' space
That all we B00jums wanna do
is *ROCK* at some cool place

Papa ooh mir mir papa ooh mir mir papa ooh mir mir papa ooh mir mir
Ee-ee-ee ee-ee
I went into The Bank Street to do The B00jum Hop
Cuz 'Kali's' eyes were shining red so there we made our stop
But as I opened up the door and gulped some cola down
I found us B00jums on the floor a-dancin' to this sound*
Ee-ee-ee ee-ee The B00jum Hop ee-ee-ee ee-ee-ee-ee

I saw we had the only costumes there and was surprised
But THAT never stops a B00jum moshing right before their eyes
We did the p0g0motion and the hully-gully too
I cannot name a single dance the B00jums cannot do!
Ee-ee-ee ee-ee The B00jum Hop ee-ee-ee ee-ee-ee-ee**

Now right around the stroke of twelve Flesh Hammer had begun
You other kids gone down the street to have some different fun
But leave the rockin' to us B00jums,
where decibel levels pound***
Cuz even though I'm back@work
I still can hear this sound:
Ee-ee-ee ee-ee The B00jum Hop ee-ee-ee ee-ee-ee-ee

*Ac-tu-ally a fine cover of "Search & Destroy"

**The sound MOST humans make when when Simon from DOT pulls His pants down...;P

***If Its Too Loud--It's Too HALLOWEEN for Ya! :D

The Queen said...

I wonder why the anonymous commenter doesn't have her/his own blog with these gems on it?

Hsin-Yi said...

I KNEW I should have gone out on Halloween....

Hsin-Yi said...

Also, do you have a VHS player? I saw the movie on Amazon for $5, but only VHS...

The Queen said...

Yes, I do, Hsin, and I just bought a copy! Yay! Thanks for the heads up!

How's that baby cookin'?

Cranky Yankee said...

Believe me...I've TRIED to get Mr. Anonymous Zone to keep a blog, but he prefers to hit and run on other people's blogs.

The Queen said...

Oh, really? Well, perhaps I'll start a blog FOR Mr. Anonymous, delete his comments from here and post them THERE...heh heh heh...