Friday, June 26, 2009

Uh, How Do Ya Call your Luva Boy....?

Rock 'n' Roll!
Rock 'n' Roll!
Rock 'n' Roll!Rock 'n' Roll!Rock 'n' Roll!
Rock 'n' Roll!
Rock 'n' Roll!
Rock 'n' Roll!
Rock 'n' Roll!

Marko and I witnessed a fantastic, kick-ass, REAL rock and roll show last night at Pearl St. in Northampton - the NY Dolls came, rocked our world, and left us all in a sweaty, steamy, spent and satisfied pile on the ballroom floor. 

The Dolls only have two original members left, David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain, but the newer members of the band were, in every sense of the word, NY Dolls. This band was classy, stylish, rockin' and the perfect mix of great musicians who are tight, but can let it get loose and not sloppy. 

I wasn't overly familiar with the newer material, but it was GREAT live - and there was a nice mix of original Dolls' tunes and the newer songs. Sylvain and Johansen both looked really pleased that the audience really went nuts over the original tunes.  That said, most of the audience were obviously long-time fans of the band.  They also covered Johnny Thunders' 'Can't Put your Arms Around a Memory' and gave Thunders and Michael Jackson a shout-out, which was cool. Other songs included 'Stranded in the Jungle', 'Pills', 'Jet Boy', 'Trash', 'Mystery Girls', 'Personality Crisis' - they opened with 'Looking for a Kiss', which is arguably my favorite Dolls tune, and it just went uphill after that. And they played for almost 2 solid hours. Johansen's voice was amazingly unchanged, Sylvain's guitar-playing and audience interaction was great and I highly recommend you go NOW and see this band if you can.  

"Trash, wont pick it up
Take them lights away
Trash, wont pick it up
Dont take your life away
Trash, dont try to take my life away...."


Cranky Yankee said...

Yeah, our old friend Bill called us on the way to that very same concert trying to talk us into going with him (he had one extra ticket).

I guess we're old fuddy-duddys as we didn't (couldn't) go last minute like that.

Oh well....

The Queen said...

Oh, we saw Bill there. It was weird, because I kind of recognized a lot of the people there, but I'm sure it was from shows 20 years ago...
It was just so great to see a rock band that played rock 'n' roll as opposed to a rock band that is arty or emo-esque.....or 'clever.'
I guess it's up to the old school bands to keep the rock 'n' roll going! Joan Jett is about the only one left, too, that tours consistently.

K. A. Laity said...

Faboo -- I'm envious! My rocking with the Fall and the Buzzcocks will have to suffice, I guess.


The Queen said...

The Buzzcocks are great live!