Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Gauntlet has Been Thrown....

...sparing me the agony of coming up with another alliterative blog title.

Fine, Miss Wendy, you want a Tiki blog-off? You got one!

This past Saturday we were treated to fabulous extravaganza at Mike and Sandy's Beach House and Tropical Drinks Emporium.

(On a side note, J10X & I had primed ourselves for hardcore tiki-drinking action by sampling my newest concoction- Rosemary Martinis made with freshly infused rosemary vodka....)

We arrived, fashionable attired in Punktiki(TM) style, fashionably late, with some drunken bum in tow, to the lovely tropically warm beach house and were greeted by the glorious sight of Miss Wendy, Our Hosts, Boojums, Brian & Mel....um, Negative Ed & Lisa.....some people I don't think we properly met....

Drinks! Yes! A huge table of booze & mixers! Mike & Sandy were insanely generous and provided both food and beverage- I was somewhat nonplussed by the announcement that we had arrived and I would be making drinks. Wha....? But that requires...memory! Ultimately, my queenly self got its act together & made a pitcher of Mai-tais & several individual drinks.

(Another side note- Tiki is all about the drinks, don't let anyone tell you any differently....)

We had the opportunity to chat with Mike & Sandy and gawk at all their Tiki decor goodness - gorgeous masks, mini-surfboards....books! Mike also gave us an entire tour of the Aloha Compound as well. We also caught up with others we hadn't seen in a while, and Negative Ed & I bonded over the magical, medicinal qualities of Newcastle Ale....

Mike & Jess, who organize the New England Tiki Tour arrived a little later, with Tim from Waitiki and his lovely lady in tow. The fantastic 9th Wave and Waitiki will be playing the tour this year.....fun!

A little later in the evening we convened down in the basement to hear some surftastic tunes by Mike, Fred and Negative Ed, Sandy and Brian, and then some Summertime Blues with Lushy Luke sitting in on the skins....

J10X & I had much fun & stayed far too late- my car almost turned into a pineapple, but we managed to reach it in time to head home on waves of rum...and that special ohana feeling!

Many mahalos to Mike & Sandy for a fantastic time!!


Cranky Yankee said...

Tiki is all about the drinks...even if you don't tipple the al-ki-hol.
There was enough different juices and tons of fruit to make your own liquid fruit salad. I know I did.

Drunken bum? That's no way to talk about Luke...he's a fashionably, well-coiffed, drunken bum! :-)

Wendy said...

Tiki is all about the fun mugs and umbrellas and fruit. But I really want to try that Rosemary vodka! YUM!

Cranky Yankee said...

My friend, Paul, at the Texas Triffid Ranch has been raving about Buddah's Hand citron flavored vodka.


If I drank alcohol, this sounds like a lovely drink.

The Queen said...

Liquid Fruit Salad! You should market that!

I think flavored vodkas are nice, but when you make them yourself (and it's very easy) there's no comparison. I may try making a watermelon vodka and possibly clove, too.
I also find if you make it yourself, it can also turn a fairly undrinkable vodka into a tasty one - the rosemary stuff is made with Svedka, which is appalling on its won, but tastes fine with the herbal enhancement.
Oooh, and Hangar One is definitely not one of my faves, but the citrus taste does sound nice!

K. A. Laity said...

Sigh. We just don't have any fun.

Paige said...

Hey Steph!
I just stumbled upon your blog through the magic of Google.
Sounds like a good time; I'm jealous! Are yous guys going to NETT2? I hope so, 'cause I signed Jill & I up again.
Keep in touch, eh?

Cranky Yankee said...

It's May...
SO when are you going to update this thing?