Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Wonderful New Job

[How many times must I tell the same 5 people to shut the hell up in here?!?!]

Sample conversation between 2 guys (spoken loudly across 2 computer carrels):
  • Do you eat at restaurants?
  • Yeah
  • What kind you like?
  • Yeah
  • Italian?
  • Yeah
  • Pizza?
  • Yeah
  • Fish?
  • Nooooo...
  • Wanna eat dinner with me sometime?
  • Yeah
  • Do you think (name of girl here) will eat dinner with me?
  • ....yeah....
  • Do you like Italian food?
  • Yeah
  • Hi, Steph! So, are there cameras even in the parking garage at the casino (11 millionth time he's asked me this...)
  • Yes, they're everywhere- if you want to chitchat, you have to go downstairs.
  • Ok! SORRY!
  • Ssshh!
  • Do you like Italian food?

(I had multigrain pancakes with cheese & scallions today. La Wombat seemed to think this was blog-worthy....)


Cranky Yankee said...

Already hate your job, huh?

K. A. Laity said...

Multi-grain pancakes, multi-grain pnacakes -- with cheese and scallions! Actually I was very amused by the overheard conversation when you told me. It's well worth sharing with the world. Makes us all realise we're surrounded by the subpar!

The Queen said...

To be fair, some of these students lack a certain level of self-awareness, so they just never seem to hear themselves hit that particular level of loudness (and, more embarrassingly, I asked a hearing-impaired student to keep his voice down...)

I have completely terrified the Phonic Five in the past (by losing my temper- nice, huh?), but then they were afraid to ask me any questions.

It's a weird balance that needs to be struck. And then it doesn't help when I hear them all break into giggles and then start shushing each other really loudly- that's just plain funny!