Monday, October 30, 2006

It's a Boojumhaus Hallowe'en!

Saturday was Hallowe'en for me- I have to work on the real holiday, so I made sure to get my creepy ya-yas out by attending the always entertaining, always amazing Boojumhaus Hallowe'en Party.

Costumes, competition, companionship & prizes! The attic cemetery was amazingly effective- I was creeped out when we all went up there to play 'Pass the Skull.'

Don't ask, the body's around there somewhere....

I am going to brag here & mention that mon copain (Dead Monkey Toy) won first prize in the costume contest! (the bragging part is that I made his hellish idea a reality.) I thought it was a close call, what with Kate Wombat as The Morrigan - fabulous headress!

I was having SO much fun, I forgot to take a lot of pictures, but you can see a few here:
Queenly pix

And lovely Boojum photos here: Boojum pix

and Dr. K's pfotos here:
The Pictures of Dr. K

I have a great picture of Arrrrr Hostess, but Our Host apparently became unwrapped halfway through the celebration....

Thanks, Boojums!

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